We personally assist you in raising funds for your business.

And, We help you invest in global markets via our professionally managed index funds.
About Us

Exhilway was founded in the year 1974 by Mark Carlton as a hedge fund group.
We managed over US$ 3 billion of assets under management before we
sold the hedge fund division to a clutch of private investors in June 2014.

We currently touch over 76,000 accredited investors. We employ over 160 professionals worldwide. We are professionals who assist emerging companies to raise funds from the high net worth investors worldwide. We also manage one of the largest professionally managed global index funds.
Fund Placement

Exhilway assist fund managers in the alternative asset class to raise funds for
their Private Equity, Infrastructure, Hedge Fund and Private Companies.

We help you raise investment commitments and provide valuable advisory services. We act as an intermediary between your fund and the investors who are majorly
high networth investors, pension and endowment funds and others.

We work on a competitive fee structure. We have assisted companies to raise
US$ 850 million in the last two years.
Private Equity

Exhilway private equity focuses on the opportunities in the emerging markets.

Our private equity comprises of both debt and equity component. Our goal is to create tremendous value for investors by providing them capital protection on their investments, a unique concept. We follow a stringent yet transparent selection criteria for the companies.

We have recently announed US$ 200 million Exhilway Global Opportunities Fund I majorly focusing upon India based investment opportunities.
Index Funds

Trading in stock markets is a risky affair. Investment is a key to success.

Our index funds track global equity and debt indices. Our professional managers
helps you to pick right investment opportunities.

With our professionally managed auto traded index funds, you track the entire
market. We help you invest in over 27 countries worldwide. Our index funds have lowest management fee, the returns are in tandum with the market growth.
It is the best diversification tool for any investor or trader.

Work With Us
We are Hiring!!

Exhilway is hiring both full time / independent agents from the field of
finance / marketing from around the globe. You could be one!

Mail your cv to jobs@exhilway.com
Global Key Management :

Larry Carlton, Chairman
Jean Wells, CEO
Arthur Cashin, Senior VP
Sammy Jeter, CFO
Dina Boynton, COO

Rahul Kumar, Head India
Joy Ghosh, Director, India
Ketan Mehta, Advisor, India
Nikhil D Patel, Advisor, India

SB Tower, Level 5, Sector 16 A
NOIDA 201301

Tel : +91 120 480 4938
Email : india@exhilway.com
United States

309, Fellowship Road, Suite 200
Mt Laurel, New Jersey

Tel : +1 856 533 2358
Email : usa@exhilway.com
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